Erlang Hospitality and Hostility

Hey @rvirding, @joeerl, you have created a disgusting community, worst ever. You are like Philip Wadler who is selling his soul for scaling Ponzi schemes with byzantine generals, except you're sellling ignorance to young people. I'm talking directly to @joeerl R.I.P. because nobody want to talk with me in your condescend Erlang community. I remember back in 2011 Erlang Factory repast where Joe asked me what actually we are "researching" at our SYNRC (condescend), I answered "languages". But later I figured out that Erlang community doesn't need languages (nobody can even finish a toy ML port like Alpaca, Gleam, Caramel, Purerl, Rufus and other experiments). What it needs is just a bunch of kids transforming JSON from one REST endpoint to another. Erlang frameworks were abandoned in the same way: BeepBeep, Erlang Web, Chicago Boss, Nitrogen everything was suspended in 2016. ESL is backed as body-selling outsource shop with lowest possible level of engineers. You're selling books about abandoned Nitrogen with closed eyes on that N2O is Nitrogen 2x Optimized, being just another its implementation with analytic extension to enterprise services.

Not that I really care your Erlang Serpentarium, I dropped officially your bullshit at 2015 and moved on. While I'm writing this, some child AstonJ from Erlang Forums is deleting my messages. Hope @joeerl see it. You're so self-played in monopoly that totally forgot about if not ethical then maybe sport-oriented fair-game rules, please.

By the way SYNRC is the biggest ecosystem yet in Erlang/Elixir world with its own Virtual Machine LING that powered LINCX (Erlang on Xen SDN-switch by Infoblox) and gave spin-off to the series of other BEAM implementations. We have 64 packages in, 43025977 tracked downloads, 20 authors and full ignorance in official Eralng world because they (ESL/EEF) have seen us as Phoenix competitor. We have even our own package manager MAD (built for LING purposes) but my letters about adding it to HEX.PM was ignored and I was forced to promote all my packages to rebar3 and mix, nobody wants another package manager support in HEX.PM. For them this is not the community — this is the cold mindkilling business. Go get more kids, maybe then you will be able to reproduce the true success of Go!

From my side I will guard Eastern Europe from ESL/EEF bullshit. While I'm in Ukraine I can guarantee that you will never be in this market here on dominant positions. Just because if you put Phoenix and N2O at the deep research level, everybody will found to chose N2O.

The only Phoenix solution in Ukrainian government is eHealth project which has terrible footprint and scalability issues. N2O on the other hand is not just a library, it powers the biggest eastern european bank for 30M subscribers and has real fullstack up to Business X-Forms layer, BPMN layer and protocol generators (JS/Swift/Java/Protobuf/BERT). Something Elixir community will lack for years. That is the situation here, you have poisoned with Phoenix a part of my country just because it was started and implemented by imbeciles — your target user audience.

Basically where you're wrong: you're trying to sell information system consulting in distributed systems field by creating frameworks for imbeciles and trying to create business on them. That will always fail. By short scrolling of ESL/EEF stream I found that ESL/EEF basically sold themselves to aeternity, which is driven by narc-addicted non-adequate. Not surprised here:


Selling Ponzi schemes and pumping companies with staff FTW!

Anything that will ever be released in Elixir/Phoenix already presented with deployments in SYNRC/N2O. Including (but not limited to) dependently typed language PTS, cubical HoTT typechecker HTS and chain replication database CR. You just will never catch us with people who recreating REST libraries for 10 years with no visible success. They can't even learn how to use mnesia. These kids undestand only PostgreSQL, JSON, REST (holy trinity for orthodox russians). Everything beyond that vision is taken as hostile. If you think banning biggest contributors will not have consequences you're wrong!

Though, Thank you for banning me from your community! I will appreciate this forever!


Who the hell is this fucking @5HT:

Emeritus at Groupoid Infinity for formalization of mathematics
Author of APL L1-interpreter and SMP/AMP real-time zero-copy runtime
Author of Erlang/N2O
Author of ERP.UNO
Author of FORMAL.UNO
Author of Депозити ПриватБанк
Author of МІА:Документообіг