Russian War against Groupoid Infinity


This war must be won on the battlefield (c) Josep Borrell

Attack at Gihub Gists
Attack at Twitter
Attack in HX editor Github Issues

I have tons of evidence from #CHLOR channel where russian fascism took its place, @forked-from-1kasper was intentionally humiliating ukrainians under the nickname of Hitler after a series of warnings. Think of that choice. BRATISLAVA is @Borschemancer and justperson is @slaykovsky, the @facebook employee.

2021-08-09 14:14:50 | dristcord | [BRATISLAVA#7523] хохол = фашист 2021-12-08 13:32:30 | dristcord | [justperson#9703] Ты хохол 2021-12-25 12:11:59 | dristcord | [Hitler#4876] в ответ пишут, что автор заявления — хохол 2021-12-25 12:11:59 | dristcord | [Hitler#4876] в ответ пишут, что автор заявления — хохол 2022-01-04 17:47:40 | dristcord | [Hitler#4876] JoJo_Rabbit_d3 попався, хохол 2022-01-08 17:08:58 | dristcord | [Guest_1488#0000] (или хохол) 2022-02-03 15:03:11 | dristcord | [BratocqNeTravi#0000] ну или как типичный хохол 2022-02-07 16:12:33 | dristcord | [Bandera#0000] anon516: попався, хохол


I think these accounts should be banned from @github permanently or Github Supports Russian Fascism

To whom it may concern

To understand Anders/OCaml history you can obtain EXE code by performing:

git clone

This is very first prototype of syntax and initial point of Anders/Erlang, full code:

├── ├── priv │ ├── cubical.syntax │ ├── inductive.ctt │ ├── mltt.ctt │ └── trunc.ctt ├── rebar.config ├── src │ ├── │ ├── cub.erl │ ├── cub_lexer.xrl │ ├── cub_parser.yrl │ └── macro.erl └── sys.config

Nobody did this except me as you see by commits. Andy was learning HoTT by implementing Awodey's Impredicative Encoding which is now part of Anders/OCaml library. Paul was working on Lean modeling and previous EXE syntax that has nothing common with cubicaltt, which is reference point for Anders/OCaml, so Paul' code was removed. Denys was learning cubicaltt with System-F realization of recursive schemes, which was excluded from Anders, but included by me in cubicaltt. Other contributors were proofreaders.

This person @forked-from-1kasper is writing letters to Henk Barendregt, tagging famous mathematicians on twitter, trying to discredit, attacking on Ukrainian mathematical community Groupoid Infinity. Uneffectfully. This is insane behavior in the middle of war with Ukraine. I have many tasks here in developing products for Ukrainian Government in position of Enterprise Architect, this is just another attack surface in Great Patriotic War. Also I have the dignity and duty to protect Groupoid Infinity from russian attacks.

The presentation of my CCHM library was made in CMU in 2019, long before Anders was started. I decided to switch to OCaml version and invited @forked-from-1kasper to my repositories. ISC License with this little fascist was added by me only in 6 JUL 2021 as a gift, after Anders release. Only from that point he can start pretending to something and only in US jurisdiction, while Groupoid Infinity has Ukrainian jurisdiction.

Anders/OCaml was funded by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Synrc Research Center. I'm the sole copyright holder of N2O.DEV and ERP.UNO the main products of Synrc Research (Yes, I manage alone 77 Github repositories). Synrc Research operates since 2005 and my code is powering PrivatBank, the biggest bank in Eastern Europe with 30 millions of retail subscribers, MIA products and its infrastructure, messaging platforms, and many more small businesses. But also it powers russian and blockchain businesses. After Full Scale War of russian orks against The Brave People of Dignity I'm changing licenses of all my repositories to DHARMA LICENSE to aviod this ridicuouls misundestanding of General Ethics. From now on my code will not power any russians or blockchains.

Anders is a product of Synrc Research that was started for the sake of formalization of enterprise protocols and modalities (Guarded Cubical, Flat, de Rham and other modalities). Our specification of N2O, KVS, BPE and NITRO libraries is given in Anders language. At the bottom of the page you can obtain companies who use our technologies. Our stack is available for most functional languages: N2O.SPACE The full picture is rendered in my PhD dissertation:

* Formal runtime environment, system of formal languages and base libraries for programming, theorem proving and formal philosophy.
* Groupoid Infinity FORMAL.UNO monography.pdf

We are considering here this is as an attack to our infrastructure, our reputation and our merits! All Anders articles and educational materials were written by myself alone. I claim I can implement Anders in any language in 1 week. Invite me on your site and I will prove that.

* Maxim Sokhatsky. HoTT: The language of Space. cubicaltt presentation 2018-09-26
* Maxim Sokhatsky. Презентація кубічного CCHM прувера Anders 0.7.2. 2021-07-18
* Maxim Sokhatsky. Anders: верификатор математики. 2022-01-17
* Maxim Sokhatsky. Anders: Modal Homotopy Type System. 2022-01-17

Have a nice evening!
With honour, proud to be Ukrainian, yours Максим Еротейович Сохацький

To young fascist

Nikolai Myshko, you're young fascist and you can't change the fact that you were sponsoring and supporting the war. I will tell all the truth about you, how you behaved in #CHLOR chats. About KHOHOLS and N-words you used, about humiliation and jokes about LGBTQ+ community.

No one was ever hired to develop EXE or HTS languages, this is fake. I paid little money to @zraffer for OM support and that's it. I added you to license and I removed. These are my projects, I can freely change this as I want. More than half of this information is fake russian propaganda and spreading misinformation about me which he replicates all over the Internet, trying to steal my accounts, unsuccessfully. You can ask directly to @zraffer and @nponeccop what code they wrote and where it is placed in repository.

Disgusting that I need to explain in public because of some young ruscist, while we have a full scale war. You have all history records, fork, rewrite everything, put your license and live with that in your fascist russia. How you can tell me what to do with my repositories? Insane russian imperialism!

All my works at @Github from now on are licenced under the terms of DHARMA LICENSE. This is not ISC, this is new license. Please respect that!

Once this young ruscist was my student, I taught him Modal HoTT after visiting Geometry in Modal HoTT workshop

Now he is saying that everything he made was made by him alone, very funny. Not that it matters, I don't give a fuck, just small notice. I literally spend the same amount of time, and even have more commits in his fork than him and this is only in OCaml repo, disregarding HOMOTOPY.DEV homotopy library site and files homepages! You can compare this amount of work with your favourite communist-labeled provers or Arend sites.

"This library contained some original code and I was curious to find out where it came from." Did you manage to investigate where my code came from? You calling me liar but there is no evidence EXE code was written by anyone execpt me, full history 848 commits. As I said you can ask directly to @zraffer and @nponeccop about their contribution. @zraffer was working mainly on poset and setoid encodings which were later completly removed from OM repository as non-finished. @nponeccop was paid only several times for N2O.HS port which was later substituted by work of @xafizoff O3/N2O. But that was not even donation, Andy is a rich person, that was my declaration of intention to make something together. That is the truth. You are the person who is spreading misinformation about me for 44 days starting from day 1 of our Great Patriotic War. I'm still fighting in twitter with trolls from your #CHLOR channel. That is you who called us KHOHOLS on our HOMOTOPY.DEV channel publicly, and just after that incident you were immediately banned for CoC violation and for recognized fascist support at your #CHLOR channel. That is the truth. I already told you all of that. Your contribution will be completely swiped out.

I don't even know if this person is real or some FSS account that was implanted to @groupoid to hijack Ukrainian mathematical community. Pity that @Github still not baning russian accounts, that are thretening Ukrainians, but providing a platform for further spreading of misinformation.

I just want you all to know that I'm 41 and I already finished my academical track record. I'm retired, I'm a teacher of Tibetan Buddhism, I have officialy registered religious organization @longchenpa here in Ukraine. He is maybe thinking that I'm like him 19 y.o. who want to have text battles in Internet. This is not true, you can see my public life in all social networks, I have a rich beautiful fulfilled life, which you probably hate.

The academia for me always was a hobby and sport for thinking, managing around 100 github repositories is not an easy task. I have in average 1500-5000 commits per year for last 10 years continuously, which means I can easily get TOP-10 Github contributors in any state around the world, including China, Brazil, California (USA) and Russia.

In next life I don't want to be born like famous mathematician, I want to be born like regular Ukrainian. Now I'm just trying to protect my students from these barbarian people.

A person who lives only with thoughts about mathematics, without a spouse, pets, a healthy environment, healthy food, ordinary human things, is most likely at least internally predisposed to a distorted perception of reality, and at the maximum is a suitable vessel for propaganda. Sociopathic predisposition seasoned with mathematical logic gives rise to truly monstrous images of stalking, which will only serve their own internal unknown purposes and will not reflect society's demands for mercy and ethics, or even the usual educational minimum.

The man who decided to attack me during the war, in which his compatriots kill and rape our women and children, and that the worst thing rapes our babies and sell video with this on the black market, when they burn our civilians in mobile crematorias, I don’t say anymore about ordinary massacres and looting, at that time he is only interested in the Github commits of my repositories, which he wrote under my direction, has obviously become on the side of evil, and the only correct solution in this case is to completely put this person outside of my reality.

Have a nice investigation!
With honour, proud to be Ukrainian, yours Namdak Tonpa

To LGBTQ+ mathematicians

Being non-binary I want to live in a world where during war in the center of Europe in which russians rape our women and children, and babies(!), burn our civilians in mobile crematorias, not to say ordinary massacres and looting, the western so called "civilzation" woudn't be silent.

I just think HoTT community is too good to some uneducated freaked KHOHOLS from Ukraine, with such astoning leaders as neo-comminits and jewish russian supporters. So I'd better choose to die now at war then ever visit any HoTT workshops or conferences in the future. I just not good enough to understand your ethics and your civilization. Do you hear that? I hear only silcence of money transfer in $1 billion transaction a day for 45 days of Germany is paying for russian bloody energy.

And these people are reading Grothendieck. Do you know that his father was born in Ukraine at a time? The Grothendieck who visit Vietnam at war would roll over in his grave by observing this serpentarium.

You have a problem in western civilization, especially in world education. This is like schizophrenia, when you make from small thing a big thing artificially. Just compare the numbers of jewish people vs ukranians that were exterminated during world Genocides. Your education is wasted completely.

You all should better try to stop killing Ukrainians right now, the counter renders tens of millions. If "civilization" is silent about killing millions of white people you hate while it's being broadcast online, why would you expect it to care about killing people of other races or flavours? You are really disgusting people. Wake up "civilization", you are nearly dead.

Have a nice civilization!
With honour, proud to be Ukrainian, yours 5HT