Чиста математика

Алгебраїчна топологія

Alper. Guide to Stacks Literature

Baez. Some Definitions Everyone Should Know

Du. Motivic Approach to Enumerating Vector Bundles

Duff. The World in 11 Dimensions

Gallauer. An introduction to six-functor formalisms

Geraschenko. Stacks

Gutiérrez. Algebraic Topology I. Homology 11

Gutiérrez. Algebraic Topology II. K-Theory 8

James. Handbook of Algebraic Topology

Jardine. Stable Homotopy Theory of Simplicial Presheaves

Kishimoto. Postnikov Towers with Fibers Generalized Eilenberg-Mac Lane Spaces

Oshima. Whitehead Products in Stiefel Manifolds and Samelson Products in Classical Groups

Rognes. Spectral Sequences

Stern. Notes on the Adams Spectral Sequence

Voevodsky. A¹-Homotopy Theory of Schemes

Voevodsky. A¹-Homotopy Theory

Yagunov. T-spectra and Poincare Duality


Greub. Connections, Curvature, and Cohomology

Hopkins. Complex Oriented Cohomology Theories and the Language of Stacks

Kato. The Heart of Cohomology

Madsen. From calculus to cohomology

O'Farrill. BRST Cohomology

Серр. Когомологии Галуа


Eilenberg. Homological Algebra

Grothendieck. Sur quelques points d'algebre homologique

Mac Lane. Homology

Масси. Теория гомологий и комогологий

Прасолов. Элементы теории гомологий

Уайли. Теория гомологий. Введение в алгебраическую топологию

Эйленберг. Гомологическая алгебра


Bass. Algebraic K-Theory

Hovey. Morava K-Theories and Localisation

Stykow. Connections of K-Theory to Geometry and Topology

Гомотопічна теорія

Cavallo. Synthetic Cohomology in Homotopy Type Theory

Cavallo. The Mayer-Vietoris Sequence in HoTT Slides

Graham. An invitation to computational homotopy

Jardine. Local Homotopy Theory

Jardine. Motivic Symmetric Spectra

Jardine. Simplicial Homotopy Theory

Licata. Eilenberg-MacLane Spaces in Homotopy Type Theory

Michael Hopkins. Spectra and stable homotopy theory

Miller. Handbook of Homotopy Theory

Mörtberg. Computing Cohomology Rings in Cubical Agda

Mörtberg. Synthetic Integral Cohomology in Cubical Agda

Quillen. Homotopical Algebra.

Suzuki. On the Eilenberg-MacLane invariants of loop spaces

Van der Weide. Certifying Higher-Order Polynomial Interpretations

Van der Weide. Constructing Higher Inductive Types as Groupoid Quotients

Van der Weide. Constructing Higher Inductive Types

Van der Weide. The Three-HITs Theorem

Voevodsky, Awodey et all. Homotopy Type Theory

Warren. Homotopy Theoretic Aspects of Constructive


Aguilar. Cohomology and Spectral Sequences in Gauge Theory

Belopolsky. De Rham Cohomology of the Supermanifolds and Superstring BRST Cohomology

Davis. Supersymmetry and the Hopf fibration

George. Yau's proof of the Calabi Conjecture

Grassi. Cohomology of Lie Superalgebras. Forms, Pseudoforms, and Integral Forms

He. The Calabi-Yau Landscape

Kac. Lie Superalgebras

Matessi. Čech and de Rham Cohomology of Integral Forms

Schreiber. Higher Structures in M-Theory

Schreiber. M-Theory from Superpoint

Wadhwa. On Calabi-Yau supermanifolds

Теорія топосів

Caprioti. Type Theory through Comprehension Categories

Goldblatt. Topoi. The Categorial Analysis of Logic

Grothendieck. Pursuing Stacks

Johnstone. Sketches of an Elephant. A Topos Theory Compendium

Kock, Wraith. Lectures on Elementary Topoi

Mac Lane. Categories for the Working Mathematician

Mac Lane. Sheaves in Geometry and Logic

Moerdijk. Classifying Spaces and Classifying Topoi

Riehl, Verity. Elements of ∞-Category Theory

Теоретична інформатика

Теорія залежних типів

Basold. Higher Inductive Types in Programming

Buisse, Dybjer. The Interpretation of Intuitionistic Type Theory

Coquand. Preshead model of Type Theory

Hermida, Jacobs. Structural Induction and Coinduction in a Fibrational Setting

Hofmann. Conservativity of Equality Reflection over Intensional Type Theory

Jacobs. Categorical Logic and Type Theory

Klev. Eta-Rules in MLTT

Laouar. A presheaf model of dependent type theory

Makkai, Reyes. First Order Categorical Logic

Martin-Lof. Intuitionistic Type Theory

Meijer. Henk. A Typed Intermediate Language

Palmgren. On Universes in Type Theory

Asai. Logic of computational effects and categorical gluing for equivariant functors